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A Professional Life With Ali

Online Consultation with Ali Nankali

Ali Nankali


Dr. Ali Nankali is a UK-based scientist renowned in the field of dentistry.


He presently serves as a Clinical Reader in Digital Dentistry at the Teaching and Innovation (Adult Oral Health) Centre, within Barts and The London Medical and Dental School.


In addition, Dr. Nankali holds the esteemed position of President at UKDC-World, a platform frequented by numerous professionals and students seeking its specialized services.


In 1998, Dr. Nankali developed a profound interest in Restorative Dentistry, prompting him to delve into exhaustive research on the application of post and cores. Upon concluding his studies, he presented the Scientific Board of the Orthopaedic and Implant Department at NMU with a series of pioneering inventions, notably the Nankali Post System, Nankali bur, and several innovative classifications.


Dr. Nankali earned his PhD in 2004 from the National Medical University (NMU) in Kiev, Ukraine, subsequently registering as a Specialist/Consultant in Prosthodontics. His engineering background, combined with his expertise in Prosthetics and Maxillofacial clinical practices, has paved the way for revolutionary research. His findings on the distribution of masticatory force and the mechanical strength of dental hard tissues have significantly elevated his standing in the scientific community.


In his current roles, Dr. Nankali primarily focuses on imparting knowledge to and supervising postgraduate and PhD students. He is also instrumental in conducting professional courses. Beyond the academic realm, he spearheads and participates in both national and international conferences.

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I am very impressed with Dr Nankali’s enthusiasm and his endless energy to Bering innovation to the dental profession. He also has such a personal touch to details. His engineering background has brought in a new insight to the digital application to dentistry. It is a joy to work with as a colleague in Queen Mary University of London.

Prof Ferranti Wong

Ali uses his innovative skills in his teaching so that the learners are never bored. A joy and a pleasure to work with. Keep up the good work, Ali!

Prof. DYD Samarawickrama

I have had the great opportunity and privilege to attend few courses established by UKDC. They all have been extremely educational and excellently prepared. Dr Nankali’s reputation proceeds him and both him and his hard work are irreplaceable assets to British and Iranian Dental societies.

Dr Mehran Mazaheri

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