Meet Ali

Dental Professional 

Dr. Ali Nankali after successfully passing the modules of business and management courses, in 1985 he was appointed as the General Manager of Bidak International Company.

Whilst working, he enrolled to Sharif University he began his studies in the Industrial Engineering. A few years later, he enrolled to Kiev University and studied Russian and Ukrainian languages. Consecutively, Dr. Nankali started to study stomatology, at NMU in Kiev and by 1999 he completed his doctorate of stomatology (DDS). Thereafter he continued his academic life and subsequently obtained his Ph.D in orthopaedic-implant stomatology (Prosthodontics), where he was then awarded the title of "Candidate of Medical Sciences".

In NMU Dr. Nankali was profoundly involved with his researches concerning core and post systems in addition to his daily involved clinical works, which resulted in very successful inventions called Nankali Post system and Nankali bur. His engineering background in addition to his prosthetics and Maxillofacial clinical experiences helped him in achieving groundbreaking outcomes on his researches related to distribution of masticatory force and mechanical strength of teeth's hard tissues that brought him to the attention of the scientific community.

In October 2004, Dr. Nankali immigrated to UK and concentrated on continuing his academic studies and research, which resulted in accomplishing a number of patented scientific ideas from United Kingdom and a few which are still in a process to be maintained. Later he joined with the Barts and the London Medical and Dental School, where he is involved with undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as running CPD Courses.

Furthermore, along side his career in the academia, Dr Nankali appointed as the  the Chief Executive Officer of the Powerdea Ltd. The company was established following the completion of proof of theory for a new renewable energy system invented by Dr Nankali.

He currently works as a Clinical Senior Lecturer in Teaching and Innovation (Adult Oral Health) Centre in the Barts and the London Medical and Dental School.

He is also the president of the UKDentalCourses, where many clinicians and students are using the offered professional provided services. 

​At his current positions, Dr Nankali is involved with undergraduate, postgraduate teaching, supervising MSc and PhD students as well as regularly running other professional courses. He chairs and run national and international conferences.