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None medicine related scientific works

Here are published innovations by Ali Nankali

List of the scientific works non-dental


A new system for recovering energy from transient weight applied to a path has a support assembly with a support suspended by springs above a base (Ecostep) 2015, UK Patent Application No.: GB1511583.5. August 2015​


A New Method for generating electricity (NLPS) using biological Energy: 2009 - UK - International Patent Application No.: 0915246.3 order date: 01-Sep-09


A New Method to Neutralising Tsunamis waves: 2011 – Nankali Anti-Tsunami System / UK – International Patent (Application Number GB1112166.2 - UK Intellectual Property Office)


Anti-Bacterial Box New Method to Neutralising Tsunamis waves: 2013 – A New Type of technology for disinfection suitable for hospitals, health cares and large organizations.


Two in One Auto Heater system: 2015 – This is a new heater system made for large spaces such as Green Houses where huge power and specific conditions are required

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