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After a few years research on Multiple Sclerosis, with a particularly emphasis on the pathogenesis and morphology
of the disease, a new proposed method for treatment of MS has founded. The theory is already begun the process of
discussing with some universities and certain specialists in this field.

At this stage, the New Proposed Method for Treatment of MS requires a brain storm. Although having a long period
of deep study with communications and research it shows that the idea justifies its effectiveness. Due to this reason,
I would like to discuss the suggested method, in general, and take your valuable time to obtain your comments.

It is common knowledge that the MS is principally involved with the pathology of the Myelin Sheath with its different
types of etiology such as: primary biochemical, abnormality of myelin exists and the processes which damages
the myelin or oligodendrogial cell (demeylinating).

In addition, the research shows that the demyelinated areas are frequently under attack by T-cells. T-Cells
impact the damaged location of the Myelin Sheath in a different ways such as:

1. The toxins released from the accumulated T-cells do not allow the Myelin Sheath to have a physiological repair.

2. The released substances from the T-cells activate other T-Cells that can attack the pathological part of the Myelin Sheath.

3. Some released substances impact the T-cells to produce the specialized cells against the demeylinated area.

A huge amount of money is invested to find a solution to protecting the Myelin Sheath from the T-Cells’ attacks.
Fortunately, the professionals were partly successful in their investigations on this area and they have found
some solution to: deactivate the released substances from T-Cells, block the process of releasing the toxins from
T Cells and/or provide an atmosphere in which T-Cells are not able to reach the axons. Yet, although the specialists
do their best, there is no medicine or method of treatment to justify itself completely and, therefore, the T-Cells continue
attacking the Myelin Sheath which leads to other complications.

The new proposed method of treatment for the multiple sclerosis is based on a different approach to solve the considered
issues. In fact, having these complicated conditions, I have provided a technique that can stop the T-cells production and specialization. The new proposed method is tried to reach dysfunction or hypo-function level of the thymus gland and
other processes that can stop the development of T-Cells.

Targeting thymus to reach a hypo-function level or dysfunction condition, the main three bellow ways were expressed:

The thymectomy operation,    and or blocking the afferent artery to the thymus gland,  and or using drugs to reach
            a hypo-function level or dysfunction condition of thymus gland.

I suggest the chemotherapy, for stopping other additional unknown development processes of the T-Cells after
two years and its repetition if required.

By using any of the above mentioned methods, the maturation process of the blood stem cells to the T-Cells will
be stopped partly or entirely for a certain time.

Unfortunately, thymectomy operation is not considered simple and it also leads to immune deficiency. However,
it is assumed that the resulted immune deficiency is controllable and it can give more benefit to most patients
rather than having recognized Multi Sclerosis symptoms.

Moreover, in the new condition after applying any of the mentioned methods, specialists would be able to stimulate
the Myelin Sheath repair or other significant processes by using a group of medicines that are already innovated.

Recently, the thymectomy is justified itself for treatment of the Myasthenia gravis and it is becoming commonplace.

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