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Medicine and Dentistry

Here are published innovations by Ali Nankali

Patents & Novels

As there is no patent for treatment methods, the new creations for treating human is expressed as novels by the Intellectual Office of UK.

I also am a very innovative person, and have been successful in a number of scientific research areas, and as a result, I have 11 patents and novels filed in dentistry and 6 in non-dental works.


List of the scientific works in dentistry 

Nankali Post and Core System: In 1999 it was requested for the patent (УДК; 616.314-76-77:616.314.11-74:678.029.46:612.311) and became a part of research of the Orthopedic and Implant Stomatology Department of the National Medical University.​

Nankali Bur: 1999, for creating the cavity required for the Nankali Post and Core System patent. UK - International Patent (Application Number: GB1109327.5 – UK Intellectual Property Office)

Splitting Posts: Novel 2000: After mathematical analysing the method and having some clinical experience it was presented at the 55th Medical Science Conference of Students & Young Scientists in 2000.

A solution in orthodontia (Nankali-Space): Novel 2002 – It was suggested to the orthodontic department of the National Medical University.

Nankali Masticatory Force Systematization: Novel 2003 – The first time it was presented in the National Medical University’s Scientific Board.

Nankali Post and Core Classification: Novel 2002 - It was suggested to  the orthodontic department of the National Medical University.

Masticatory force and teeth hardness relation: Novel 2003 - It was published in the Ukraine Scientific Medical Youth Journal

Nankali Mastication Theory: 2003 – This is about the biomechanics of Mandible at the time of mastication, provided for education at NMU

Dam-bow: 2013 - A new device is used in congestion with rubber dam for anterior teeth preparation

Artificial Tongue: 2014 – Providing a new type of artificial tongue that are used for dental undergraduate students in phantom head

Nankali Veneer Classification: Novel 2014: A new combined classification for veneers.

Crown Taper Investigator (2016), an instrument to help dental students and practitioners achieve higher clinical outcomes for their crown preparations. The suggested product has a very simple design and after some required adjustment finally managed to make the prototype for testing.

List of the scientific works in Medicine

A new proposed method for treatment of Multiple Sclerosis: 2009 - US Patent and Trade Mark Office / (Application Number 29/316,097 for disabling thymus)

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