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Force Absorb Mechanism in Post/Cores

Dr. Ali Nankali (1997—2005) studies about the Post and Cores shows that there are a number of reasons which affect the posts and cause a fail in treatment. Among of these reasons some of them were no noticeable.


One the reason is when we use inappropriate amount of adhesive material to fix the inserted post to the canal. In fact it is very difficult to get the exact required adhesive, and this discrepancy will cause problems.


Lack of material in canal between post and the root wall is an obvious fact that decreases the level of resistance and therefore there is a chance of losing Post and Core.


Over loaded material inside of canal is another type of mistake that we can make,

although the extra amount of adhesive material can be no noticeable. In this

situation, Dr. Ali Nankali, suggested to create a space to neutralise the force

that as antagonism force push the post out of the canal after realising the initial

pressure. This space is called “Nankali Force Absorber”.

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