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A Solution in Orthodontia

(Nankali Space)

Extraction of the posterior teeth is one of the commonplace ways that justified itself for finding space as a part of orthodontic treatment.


In 2002 Dr. Nankali have suggested a new method which was helpful to avoid the extraction of any tooth when the required space for treatment plan is not exceeding 4-5 millimetres. He use a prosthetics disk which is usually used in restorative dentistry or prosthetics and separates the posterior four teeth accordingly(Fig. 1). This issue allows us to provide at least four millimetres space (Fig. 2). Then the preparated area (0.5-0.7mm of each tooth) was covered by ceiling materials.


It has to be noticed that the removal of the upper first premolars (having a mesio-distal width of approximately 7 mm) could provide a space of about 7mm, while we can reach to 5-6mm in each side by the proposed method with the significant following advantages:

  • Non-surgical method

  • Very fast and practical method

  • Low cost

  • The axis of the teeth does not move considerably

A solution in orthodontia.png
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